Exomania Cattery :: Persian & Exotic Cats 

Welcome on a site of the Persian and Exotic cats "Exomania" cattery. My name is Oksana Volkova. I'm with my family, live in Belarus in the Grodno city.

I am owner of the "Exomania" cattery, which is engaged in breeding of Persians and Exotic tabby and bi-colour. The cattery is registered on systems CFA&TICA.

My animals has a modern type, powerful, stocky short body on strong paws. My pupils do not contain in cells, and live in an apartment together with members of my family.

In breeding lines are used such known catteries, as Couronne, D'Eden Lover, Kuorii, Latin Lover, Argentovivo, Divination, Brannaway, O'Calicos, Wishstar, Pursays, Fabuls, Windpegs, Savic, Polcann, Brettonpark, Bocasanas, Blueskyeyes, Artemis, Dega-Bulu, Red Sky, Farallon, Catillak, ets.